The Ames Family

The Ames Family

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

2010 A Year Of Stress & Blessings

The year 2010 began pretty good. Kids went back to school after the holidays. Everyone went back to the same routine. Steve started getting busy at work. He was driving the semi truck all the time and was not home much. I adjusted but was not happy with him being gone so much. I needed him, and so did the kids.

In May I had the chance to go with Steve in the semi truck to Wisconsin, then from there we flew to Michigan. We were able to visit our daughter and her sweet family. Had so much fun spending time with our grand babies. Spent time with Steve's dad who was not doing very good. We had a nice visit.

The end of May came and Brittany graduated from high school. She did real good and even got a full paid two years scholarship! We are very proud of her. Brittany began collage at Central Arizona Community Collage. She also works at AMC Theater and we love the perks that comes with her working there. Free movies for the family!


June 9th comes along...1am I get the dreaded call from Steve's boss(friend). Steve fell asleep at the wheel and rolled the semi truck! He was blessed to be alive. He spent a month in Loma Linda Hospital. I was going back & forth from home to CA. My dear friend Donna was with me all the way, she stayed with me in CA. two other friends were close by helping me out Karen & Judy. They were angels watching over me, great friends that I'm blessed with. I also spoke with my friend Jay Osmond, he was sweet enough to put Steve's name in the Temple. Prayers were said by many, and we could feel them.

Steve is doing good and getting stronger everyday. He now is working on tiling our floor. And now is a dispatcher for the same truck co. I have him home, an answer to my prayers. I didn't mean for him to roll the truck to keep him home though.

                                              Cockapoos Are Us!!!
I have started breeding Cockapoos. I enjoy this. A stay at home job with something I love to do. Just before Christmas two of our Cockers had puppies. A total of 13 puppies between the two of them! We had a great Christmas. I now have a waiting list for more puppies in late Spring from our 3rd Cocker.

Jan 2011

A late Merry Christmas to me! I now drive a PT Cruiser! It rides so good, its a great little car and so much fun to drive.

So long for now!